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Safari de Peaugres in France
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City Bus Stop Departure Time
Lausanne Parking Vélodrome 06h30
Geneva Place Dorcière 07h30

Small or large groups, associations, leisure centers, outdoor school trips, families, if you are planning a day trip to the Peaugres Safari in France, then you are at the right place. Choosing and booking this excursion with our company means guaranteeing the receipt of undeniable quality service and outstanding professionalism. 

The Safari de Peaugres is a French animal park located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, north of the Ardèche, near Annonay in the town of Peaugres. The zoo is considered one of the largest tourist attractions and contains around 1000 wild animals of 127 species. By paying a visit to this exciting place, you will be offered educational and fun experience through the numerous activity options, the drive in the Safari or by foot to the rest of parts which will catch on the interest of the guests and encourage for future visits.

The bus transfer to the Safari de Peaugres is intended for groups of more than 20 participants. Join us and enjoy a safe journey heading from Parking Vélodrome in Lausanne at 06:30 in the morning and from Place Dorcière - Geneva's bus station at 07:30 a.m. 

The cost is CHF 95.- per adult and CHF 75.- per child aged up to 12 years old. The rate includes roundtrip transportation service, the entrance to the zoo, a journey to the Safari and a bottle of water per way of the journey.

During your trip, please make sure to have your valid passport or ID card as it is mandatory. Upon arrival, you will enjoy your own leisure time and lunch at Safari de Peaugres. The departure from France will take place around 17:00 by the same comfortable buses.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service, who will be at your disposal to organise and gift you a memorable excursion.

"Col-des-Roches" Cave Mills
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Unusual cave in Le Locle, near La Chaux-de-Fonds

(From May to October) potentially every day

A raid in the heart of the stone to be discovered. Incredulously, these fabulous underground mills is an unique industrial heritage in all Europe.

In the area, a museum styles classification and display. The tour will take you inside the mountain to these fabulous subterranean mills. A mythical descent to a depth of 23 meters underground and into a past that witness to the ingenuity of the pioneers of the industrial era. In the 17th century, they passed through numerous obstacles in the below ground rock cave in order to construct a hydraulic system mills to benefit of the natural resources which are essential for their sustentation. A 150m-long route recreates these facilities identically, the remains of a glorious industrial heritage.

The conclusion of the tour is a visit to the museum on the topics of energy, mills, grain, and the local history.

This journey is designed for groups which consist of (school members, leisure centers, company day out, associations). Thus, in case of interest in this private day trip, do not hesitate to contact us. 

A day trip and free lunch on the spot.

The excursion's program:

The guided tour at the underground mills takes place from 11:15 to 12:15.

The temperature in the cave is 7°C and the humidity can be high, therefore wearing warm clothes and sturdy shoes are recommended.

At 12:45 to 13:00, we will travel to the Col de la Tourne in order to climb to La Grande Sagneule rural restaurant for a tasty lunch. It will offer you yummy dried meats, sausages, and bacon. Also, you must not miss the seasonal mushroom casseroles at the great classical atmosphere, and the homemade ham bone. In autumn, during the hunting season, the deer are highlighted.

At 16:00 it will be the time to return to the initial meeting points in Lausanne and Geneva.


Contact us to receive a quotation.

The included services:

• Roundtrip transportation service

• Entrance to the museum

• Lunch at the La Grande Sagneule farm restaurant

• A bottle of water per way of the journey

Kart Track Payerneland
29 CHF per person Choose and Book

An entertainment center with indoor/outdoor kart tracks, tree climbing and fun games for children, at Karting Payerne.

Kart racing enthusiasts will exam their skills at the karting indoor circuit with 900m over an area of 8000m2, which is known as the longest one in Europe and they will free their souls to enjoy the top speeds (allowed from 8 years old and 130 cm). 

In May 2013, the playland set up a new outdoor track. A brand-new ribbon of asphalt that extends masterfully through the meadows to delight the thrill-seekers.

This journey is designed for groups of more than 25 participants, which consist of (school members, leisure centers, company day out, associations). Thus, in case of interest in this private day trip, do not hesitate to contact us. 

A day trip and free lunch on the spot.

The departure point:

At any desired starting place and time.

Roundtrip transportation cost only:

Adults and Children CHF 29.- per person

The included services:

• Roundtrip transportation service

• A bottle of water per way of the journey

A Day Trip to Hameau Duboeuf in Beaujolais, France
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Are you planning a visit to Hameau Duboeuf, where the history of wine is represented, and you need a reliable company to organize your transfer? 

Whether you are accompanied by family members or friends, as an expert or junior, a small or large group, the Hameau Duboeuf welcomes you into the world dedicated to wine!

The Hameau Duboeuf is a key attraction and performing a unique place in France; the visit lasts between half-day to a day. This authentic experience allows revealing all the secrets of the local vineyards.

The excursion to Hameau Duboeuf is specified for groups of more than 20 participants, contact us for more details. Please keep in mind to have your valid passport or ID card as it is mandatory while crossing the Swiss French border.

Kindly, get acquainted with the detailed program of the day trip presented below, before proceeding to explore the Hameau Duboeuf:

At 10:00 in the morning arrival and visit to the wine theme park of Hameau Duboeuf, this will last around 2h 30 min. The guided tour includes the exhibition halls and audiovisual shows: the automated theatre, slide show, a 3D film and 4D dynamic cinema. It will be followed by tasting 2 wines on the sound of the fairground organ.

At the noon 12:30: it is the time for a tasty lunch at Le Café des 2 Horloges du Hameau Duboeuf.

At 15:00: a free visit to the station (the duration is around 30 min.): Napoleon III carriage and model trains in Beaujolais land.

After the meal, take a short train ride to the gardens and winemaking centre. In the heart of the vines is the Garden in Beaujolais (Jardin en Beaujolais) which makes you delve into the scents of flowers, peel, fruit or spices that invent the rich wine's flavours. This dreamland is for wine enthusiasts, garden lovers, and family strolls.

Also, you will unveil the winemaking techniques in this place which combines modern technology while keeping the traditions. In addition, indulge in the middle of the wine production from the tranquil cellars to the 150 stainless steel vats, from the panoramic terrace and its outstanding viewpoint on the Beaujolais mountains.

Then free visit of the station, the Gare du vin invites you to the heart of the mythical hub of wine transport: Paris-Lyon-Méditerranée. Inside the authentic Romanèche-Thorins station, you will discover a universe dedicated to the life of the railways.

At 16:00: small train ride and free visit of the wine-making center and the Botanical Gardens, Golf adventure (please be advised that this visit can take place from April to September).

At 17:00: return by the train and depart by bus to Geneva.

The lunch menu includes:

Beaujolaise salad


Cream of chestnut soup, sour cream (from October to March)


“Bobosse” wine terrine

French Bourguignon Beef Stew & Dauphinoise Potatoes


Grandmother-style rooster with wine 



Chicken Thighs

Tarragon juice, almond rice

(April to September)

Iced nougat with pink pralines

Apricot coulis


Seasonal fruit pastry tart


Chocolate cake

1 Mâconnais “Prestige” raw

1 Beaujolais “Prestige” raw

Évian, Badoit, Cafe

Entrust us the transportation service of your trip to Hameau Duboeuf. You will receive undeniable quality service combined with the professional work of experts in the field.

Group trips accompanied by your colleagues, family members or friends are always among the most entertaining experiences. For better planning, hiring a minibus and driver at disposal is the best solution for most group travelers.

Are you preparing for a corporate tour and looking for a professional local company to book a bus or minibus and driver at your disposal? 

We have the best solution: ensuring a personal approach, our team is glad to offer you professional passenger transport services.

As a local transport company with owning fleet which consists of different types of buses and minibuses, EBA-Eurobus is an expert in providing high-quality services while setting its main goal, the satisfaction of the customers. 

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We are committed to providing Swiss quality, accurate service and appropriate vehicles that meet the needs of our customers. While always trying by the best means to provide you with exceptional customer support and meet your transportation needs. Thanks to our long years of experience in this field, during which our team members gained the essential knowledge to fulfil the perfect comfort and the undeniable quality of the services provided, which are the main asset of our arranged job.

Corporate tours, class trip, wedding ceremony or a professional event? Don't search more, EBA-Eurobus offers you its best transport services at reasonable costs. Choose safety, comfort, and we guarantee the accomplishment of your corporate trip in Switzerland or Europe.

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